Tutoring Available!

Mathematics education is my passion. I believe mathematics is a skill of absolute importance to young people today. I have been a tutor for over five years with experience at all age levels and skill sets. If you are seeking tutoring for grades 8 through 12, first year college or university, you should contact me at k@cluchey.ca. I am looking to take on two to five students in Vaughn beginning September 2017.

Tutoring Qualifications

Presently, I am a candidate for a Bachelor of Education at York University. I hold a Bachelor of Mathematics in Honours Combinatorics and Optimization (C&O), Pure Mathematics Minor, Philosophy Minor, Co-operative Program (With Distinction) from the University of Waterloo.

Many of my co-op experiences have been in tutoring and teaching. Most recently I taught a weekly, evening math enrichment class for the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing at the University of Waterloo. These Math Circles, aimed at grades 6 through 8, explored a variety of university math topics in an age friendly format. Topics such a algorithms, symmetry, and computer logic are among the lessons that I designed and lesson planned from the scratch.

  • Math Circles Assistant

    (Fall 2015)
    • Researched and created eight two-hour lessons, fully completed in LaTeX for online posting (October Junior 6 and November Junior 7/8) and independent study.
    • Taught 16 two-hour classes of 35-40 students each, relating topics such as algorithms, estimation, formal logic, and knot theory to the grade 6-8 level.
    • In addition, I helped in the marking of the Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest and creation of problems for Problem of the Week for the CEMC. I also worked as the event photographer and a supervisor for the Programming Challenge 4 Girls.
  • Learning Assistant at Sheridan College

    (Winter 2015)
    • Led one-on-one tutoring appointments and large tutorial sessions
    • Earned valuable writing and editing experience creating statistical reports
    • Developed concept of and designed a "Why love mathematics?" poster for the tutoring centres
    • Worked closely with numerous professors, weekly, to instruct tutorials
  • Math Tutor at Humber College

    (Spring 2014)
    • Operated the Humber Math Centre from open to close
    • Analysed attendance rates in a statistical report for Humber
    • As self-initiated projects, wrote instructions and designed a poster on solving a Rubik's Cube, and developed worksheets, all using PDF LaTeX
    • Created many advertisement materials in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Operations Lead and Tutor at School Tutoring

    (Spring 2013)
    • Designed and implemented lesson planning to tutor seven hours, daily
    • Garnered experience in a variety of subjects including SAT/ACT preparation, mathematics and applications, English and ESL, and biology
    • Introduced new clientele to School Tutoring's online learning board
    • Performed assessment of new students' ability to identify their tutoring program needs

Photography Available!

I am an amateur photographer looking to broaden my craft. Although mainly a nature and lifestyle photographer, I offer my eye for small event, portrait, and pet photography. If you are interested in such services please contact me at k@cluchey.ca with a description of the event or portrait you are requesting. For example, a common request is for a portrait for social media use. This portrait may be professional-looking (such as for LinkedIn) or personal (such as for Facebook/Twitter).

Please email me with your request for photography work and we can negotiate a price to fit your budget.

Photography Qualifications

Please visit my Flickr Page and Instagram to view my main galleries.

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Awards and Distinctions
  • I graduated With Distinction (average of 80% or greater) from the University of Waterloo.
  • I have two poems published in young author anthologies. My poem The Church Before the Sea won first place in the Young Authors of Canada poetry competition for Ontario. The second, Notepad Poem, is published in Spindrift 2011; a poetry anthology for the Bluewater District School Board.
  • My hobbies include but are not limited to, photography, origami, crochet, Rubik's cubes, skiing, and woodworking.